Patriotic Utahns Researching Ghostly Encounters

Sage Smudging -  A native ritual done with a white sage stick, that is burnt during a spiritual ritual.  After getting rid of the negative, we follow up with a positive burning using Lemongrass leaves.

To begin with we need you, the believers and the skeptics!  There are unexplained or odd things going on at all times.  No you are not nuts, we all feel like we have been there from time to time, but is there more to it than what meets the eye?

We like to sit down and have an interview with our clients and find out what is occurring  When, how etc.  We will start with  the initial walk through and start with what we call our investigation.

Our Investigation starts with setting out our paranormal equipment. We record many different ways: EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomena), video cameras, and many other tools that we have collected.

We try to make contact with the spirits through our spirit box and EVP recorder.  We also find that through our gifts we each have, we can talk or have communication to those that have passed on.  This is not as easy of a process as shown on TV.  Trust me. 

We then do some research on the property which takes a lot of time and patience.  We go through all of our "evidence" and let you know if we can prove it or explain it.   If there is a spirit, we can discuss your options.  Sometimes it is the peace of just knowing who or what it is, that will let us sleep at  night.

While we do our best, it is a learning experience.  We are in the process of learning some ways to cleanse and make your home or space feel like yours again if at all possible.  It is our goal to assist the scientific community in showing there is more to this life than living and dying.