Co - Founders

Mark and Brenda Swanson

We have both had some unexplained supernatural experiences and we are interested in finding out more, but most importantly we want to help people be able to live in peace and give you a sense of security.  

Mark  Lead investigator - Works for UPPR and his schedule varies, so we work around his schedule.  Mark is  extremely interested in the paranormal world and wants to know more of what is out there.  Mark does a lot of research constantly so that we can have alot of different views and ways to help us find answers to your concerns.

Brenda  Researcher, Cleanser -  Homemaker, crafter.  Researches places before we enter to get a history of the land and any circumstances that may be causing paranormal activity.  


​​​​Investigator and Debunker

Craig Bridges

Craig also is intrigued, and has been affected by the Supernatural and likes to debunk.  Craig works for UPRR.

Our team is growing and changing with time.  If you have anything you would like to share and join our team contact us.  


Patriotic Utahns Researching Ghostly Encounters