Patriotic Utahns Researching Ghostly Encounters

Welcome to our page.  We are a group of people who are interested in the paranormal world.  By researching and doing investigations, this will hopefully help all of us to understand the paranormal world a little better.  If you have that bump in the middle of the night that can not be explained, call us.  We would love to come investigate your residence or place of business.  This service is free of charge.   We are all volunteers and are using what we find to help people out, to have peace of mind and at the same time help us in our adventures along our way to find answers. 

We do have a lot of updated equipment. The best of which is our eyes, ears, hearts and willingness to help with NO judgements.

We do offer a number of services after the investigation including a home cleansing, blessings.  If we find anything that is more than we can handle, we will refer you to the right hands.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are we professional paranormal investigators?

We work in a very professional manner. There are no such thing as experts in this field as there are no scientific answers to this phenomena. We are out to learn, expand our knowledge, assist those in need, and hopefully prove there are spirits in our realm.

Do we charge for this service?

No. We are volunteers and have regular lives and jobs. It may take a while to see your case unless you are in urgent need. It's a passion of ours.

Do we always get evidence?

No. Spirits have a mind of their own and will reveal themselves if and when they are ready. Hate to tell you but television is not always real. Sorry to break your bubble. They are in it to stay on air for money. No ghosts. No money. So obviously they have to "find" ghosts and make it entertaining or no contract.

Do we provoke spirits to get a reaction?

Absolutely not!! We may be talking to a moved on grandmother and we certainly wouldn't talk to our grandparents this way so we won't to yours. Also you are not sure what or who you are dealing with at the time.

How long will the investigation take?

There is not set time limits depending on the situation. We will first do an interview and do a walkthrough with you to gain details. Next we will perform an initial investigation to see how to proceed.

Can we rid unwanted spirits?

This is a very hard question to answer. When you contact us we can discuss your options as there are many types of hauntings and beliefs. We are furthering our knowledge in Reiki and Demonology to assist in this matter.

Are we trustworthy to be in your home or business?

Absolutely! We are your normal (well mostly :) individuals that do not drink or do drugs. We can and have been through thorough background checks. Mark has been a fugitive recovery agent and must pass these checks for his current work. Brenda has owned and operated daycare and preschool facilities most of her life.

Who can contact us?

Absolutely anybody! We do NOT judge! Paranormal activity is not prejudice and neither are we. As I have said we act professionally and have legal waivers and rights to privacy. All is confidential unless you'd like us to show the evidence we have received. 

What is a Demonologist?

Mark is studying Demonology. Demonology is the study of demons. This does not mean I summon demons or any such thing. Let's call what I am studying as religious Demonology. It entails studying both Angelology and Demonology.  An evil haunting is very rare, but I do want to have the information in case someone is having this issue. Feel free to contact for more questions.

Feel free to contact us!!!! Stay safe!